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Alexander Kaptarenko

Alexander Kaptarenko

A nominee from Novosibirsk Region. On January 27, 2013, Alexander Kaptarenko had his 101st birthday.

And even at this age, Alexander continues to play table tennis. The pensioner participated in the 2012 European Table Tennis Championships in Sweden and many other international tournaments. he was awarded the title of Veteran of Sports. Also Alexander Kaptarenko is a Judge of Union category.

Alexander was born in 1912, in Saint Petersburg, still in the Russian Empire. Life of the future table tennis player was difficult: He survived three wars and the blockade of Leningrad. From a young age, Kaptarenko has taken part in sports. The pensioner told the newspaper Fakty: "I have liked sports since childhood - I skated. I became interested in table tennis in 1953 when I worked in Novosibirsk - at the beginning of the war I had been evacuated from an aircraft factory, where I worked as a design engineer. I began organizing competitions, and eventually became a judge of national category. And, of course, I played."

In an interview with reporters of NIR "Planet", Alexander explained that he tries to lead an active life, and good health allows him to: "Today, my health, is fine in general. Sometimes, there is arrhythmia with excessive physical exertion. However, moderate exercise is still needed. Three times a week in the morning I go to the Metallurg gym and play table tennis. An hour and a half is enough for me. I sleep about 8 hours a day. I go to bed at 12, and wake up at 6 in the morning. After lunch, I try to sleep for another 1.5-2 hours. Food. For breakfast, I have freshly ground organic coffee with sugar and chicory, and a cheese smoked sausage sandwich. I don't do vegetarianism. For lunch, I have soup and salad, and like sauerkraut. I have dinner at about 7pm. I drink tea with milk. Before going to bed, I sometimes eat an apple or a banana. I don't smoke. I began to do that in the army, and even then it was not for long. In my youth, my weight was 64kg, and now it is 68kg. But I was brawny then, and was called "ox".

In addition to sports, Alexander engaged in literary pursuits, and writes short stories. He has released several collections: My Poltergeist, Stories, Immaterial Essence in the life of Earthlings. Alexander is the oldest athlete in Novosibirsk, and probably the oldest table tennis player in the world. In honor of his 100th anniversary, the Table Tennis Federation awarded the pensioner a medal "For merits to the development of table tennis in Russia".

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