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Petr Makarchuk

Petr Makarchuk

Petr Makarchuk is the Russian bobsledder, deputy chairman of the Khakassian republican branch of the Russian sports society "Dynamo".

He was born on July 10, 1972 in the state owned farm "Borets" of the Shira district and also here graduated from high school.

"In 1980, Moscow hosted the Olympics, and I, being so young, then said, "Mom, someday I'll go to the Olympic Games"... And Petr Makarchuk kept his words, though his way to the sport was not easy.

The first serious competition in which Makarchuk participated was the Spartak Games of Khakassia in 1994, where Petr won prizes in running for 50 and 200 meters. Then the runner was spotted by the coach in the fire-applied sports of Khakassia Mikhail Ovcharuk. So Petr Makarchuk came to the sports unit No. 10 in Sayanogorsk.

Petr constantly trained in between the duties, seeking a cherished dream - to participate in the Olympics.

In 1997 Makarchuk brilliantly performed in the championship of the Krasnoyarsk region in track and field athletics, winning the 100 and 200-meter distance. All these victories became critical to the sports destiny of Makarchuk. The fact that an athlete was then noticed by the coaches in bobsled Sergey Smirnov and Anatoly Chelnyshev and they offered him to try the bobsled. Makarchuk enthusiastically accepted this proposal, and it was for good reason.

Within a few years, practicing hard, the athlete was included in the Russian national team in bobsled and performed at the Olympics in Turin. In 1999, Petr Makarchuk won the silver medal of the World Cup, in 2001 he got the bronze of the World Cup and the gold of the European Championship.

The child dream of Petr Makarchuk finally came true - in 2002 he went to the Olympics in Salt Lake City. In the crew of four the athlete took the eighth place.

However, the failure waited the Khakassian athlete - at the World Cup stage he suffered a serious knee injury that threatened inability to continue training. But the Abakan doctors saved his knee, and the Khakassian athlete did not leave the sport. In 2006, he again performed at the Olympics - this time in Turin.

So Olympian Petr Makarchuk became the sports pride of Khakassia. All these years he, the master of sports of international class in bobsled, master of sports in track and field athletics and fire-applied sports, defended the sports society "Dynamo". Moreover, Petr Makarchuk who has been serving in the police for more than 20 years, is the deputy chairman of the Khakassian regional branch of the native "Dynamo".

Today Petr Makarchuk remains loyal to the principles of Olympism. The Khakassian athlete considers as the honour to be a torchbearer of the Olympic torch relay of the upcoming Games, being the partaker of this truly grand event.

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