• 144,000 (data from 2011)
  • 1857 year
  • 58 sq.km
  • 44° 37' N 40° 5' E

Capital of the Republic of Adygea

Maykop was established as a Russian military settlement on the Belaya River. In 1870 it became a county town.

Impetus for further development of the town was the discovery of oil fields under the Maykop in 1909. Almost immediately thereafter, a railway station, running water and a telephone communication appeared in the city. National autonomy in Adygea (with Maykop as its capital), was proclaimed in 1922.

Today, Maykop is one of the greenest cities in the North Caucasus. The capital of Adygea is considered one of the most multicultural cities in Russia - there are about 80 nationalities residing there.

Judo wrestler Vladimir Nevzorov, Olympic champion at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, was born in Maykop. In the vicinity of the town, there are many tourist bases, which are in demand among outdoor enthusiasts.

Interesting Facts

The word "Maykop" comes from the Adyghe language and means "valley of apples". Apple leaves are depicted on the town's coat of arms. Another version of the name comes from the Tatar word "maykop" which means "a lot of oil."

What is usually imported from Maykop? Obviously, the famous Adyghe cheese.

In the late 19th century, the excavations Maykop barrows became a major event in the world of science. Gold and silver articles were found in the discovered graves, which are now part of the Hermitage collection. Archaeological culture represented by these findings is now called "Maykop".

The famous scientist, academic Nikolai Vavilov, worked in the Shuntuk village near Maykop from 1929 until 1938

 All the Olympic venues in Sochi will run on gas, which comes from Maykop.

News and events

The stage of the Olympic Torch Relay ended in Maykop
Maykop, 03.02.2014 19:23
The stage of the Olympic Torch Relay ended in the capital of Adygea. The cauldron at the city's main stadium was lit by the champion and bronze medalist at the Paralympic Games in 2008, silver and bronze medalist of the Paralympic Games in 2012 in rifle and pistol shooting Valery Ponomarenko and the head of Adygea Aslan Tkhakushinov.
The stage of the Olympic Torch Relay started in Maykop
Maykop, 03.02.2014 14:52
Head of the Republic of Adygea Aslan Tkhakushinov started with the fire of the XXII Winter Olympic Games in 2014 at the Hippodrome in Maykop.
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