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  • 2,300 (2010)
  • 1410 year
  • 3 sq.km
  • 57°27′00″ N 41°30′00″ E

City in Ivanovo Region

Plyos is a small picturesque town, situated on a hill on the right bank of the Volga. It was founded by the son of Dmitry Donskoy, Vasily I, as a lookout fortress on the Volga. Before the construction of the railway (1871), this region had a relatively large river port. Then it turned into a quiet summer resort, providing excellent views for landscape painters, who have loved this corner for a long time. Local landscapes were a source of inspiration for artists such as Ilya Repin, Levitan, Vereshchagin and Makovsky.

Today, in addition to tourists the town attracts artists and extreme sportsmen too. In summer, the slopes are used by mountain bikers, and in winter skiers and snowboarders arrive at Milaya mountain in Plyos.

Interesting Facts

It is from Plyos that fish was brought to the tsar's table in the 18th century. According to legend, local merchants, who did not want a railway in Plyos, paid so the route did not affect the city.

Next to Ples was the country house of the legendary singer Fyodor Shaliapin. The famous actor Lev Borisov was born in Plyos. The house where he was born still exists.

The picturesque nature of Plyos regularly attracted various movie production crews to the town. In particular, the movie "Cruel Romance" made by Eldar Ryazanov was filmed here.

Isaac Levitan was very fond of the town. He left several pictures with the scenery of this place. There is the Levitan house-museum in Ples.

Tiny Plyos has other very curious museums: the Museum of Primitive Fishing and Museum of Ancient Russian Family.

News and events

The Olympic Torch Relay visited Ples
Plyos, 18.10.2013 12:16
The next stage of the Olympic Torch Relay "Sochi 2014" was finished on Friday afternoon in Ples.
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